Honolulu & The Big Island

After John had his first surgery his brother Gerald told us we should come see him on the Big Island while John was recouping from surgery. So we took him up on his offer. How cool is that!!! Especially sweet of Annie & Teacher Gerald to allow us to come visit for almost three weeks. They also were host/hostest with the mostest and welcomed our good friends Bill & Melissa for a week. We flew out on John’s 69th birthday from Orlando, Fl. Our first stop would be Honolulu. We stayed at Holiday Inn Express…very nice open hotel. Our view from our room was awesome. Mountains in one direction and Pacific Ocean in the other directions. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Koi in the hotel pond

Johnny checking out the fish
View of the mountains from our room ( 34th floor )

Our first day to venture out was spent walking to the park and getting a quick look at the Pacific Ocean. Oh my gosh so pretty. For me Honolulu looks a lot like Miami except the water is much much bluer…Honolulu has more high rises then Las Vegas….

Pacific Ocean
Beautiful park next to the beach with beautiful Crotons everywhere. One of my fav bushes….
Umbrella trees are beautiful in Honolulu….
Check out that blue water!
Waikiki Beach

We got caught in a rain storm so we decide to continue walking down the beach to find a place to get dry and have a drink…we found the Reef Bar inside of an awesome resort where we stopped and had lunch. Right off of Waikiki Beach…

Johnny in the lobby ( Hyatt Resort ) hanging by the canoe
Drinks & lunch Reef Restaurant ( Hyatt on Waikiki Beach )

We headed back to the Hotel after lunch because of the rain. We got soaked but it was all good and a great way to start out our stay in Honolulu….

The next day we got up early took the bus to Pear Harbor. We spend a few hours there exploring Pearl Harbor where the sunken USS Arizona remains and the Monument that you are able to explore and walk around over top of the Sunken Ship….USS Arizona! Once you arrive you take a boat ride out to see whichever ship you want to explore. The USS Arizona is free so that the one we picked. You can also go tour The USS Missouri that you can get a glimpse of it from the Arizona…on a trip back to shore we passed The USS Nevada.

On Shore at Pearl Harbor
View from the boat on our way to The Arizona
Part of the sunken USS Arizona
Names of the crew of The USS Arizona
Arizona Memorial
USS Arizona Memorial in the background
USS Missouri

John & I enjoyed the visit of the USS Arizona memorial…my Dad was in Pearl Harbor so it was a bittersweet moment for me…..in my opinion everyone should go visit Pearl Harbor if they get a chance. I’m thankful we got the opportunity….I love History.

Selfie at the bus stop
Can you believe the beauty of the water – AMAZING!

We started our next day with a full Island tour we got a great value on Groupon and it was an all-day tour. The shuttle picked us up right across the street from the Holiday Inn ( very convenient ) bright and early and off we went. Our first stop was an Amelia Erhart Memorial. First person to fly alone from Hawaii to North America Jan, 1935…love it!

Very cool blow hole
The beach that was used in the movie From Here To Eternity! 🤙🏻

After we stopped at the Amelia Earhart Memorial we moved on to the two beaches. One with the amazing water & blowhole and then the beautiful beach where we got a glimpse of the beach that was in the movie From Here To Eternity. How cool is that? It very cool that Johnny and I are able to take this amazing journey and be able to see all these interesting places. I sometimes have to pinch myself to see if this is all really happening. I truly am loving life. I hope you guys are enjoying sharing our experience with us! The next stop on our bus tour was the Chinese Hat. I have to honestly say I had no idea what Cy was saying when he was talking about this mountain and when you get to the park and get ready to pose move the camera not the person. Well, we did ok but John’s sister & sister-in-law went thereafter we did and they did awesome on their pictures. It was pretty cool even still…

Mountain in background
Chinaman hat 🤷🏼‍♀️

We stopped for lunch along the way but it rained while we were eating. So no pictures. It was lunch from a food truck. We had shrimp. It was ok. Nothing to rave about. Our next and final stop would be the Dole Plantation. It very large and a huge gift shop and of course served some dole whip that John and I split. Well, I had about 3/4 bites Johnny loved it. Too sweet for me. After that stop we headed back to the hotel we had one more day in Honolulu before we flew over to The Big Island. The Island Tour was great and well worth the money in our opinion…

Our last day was spent walking downtown and hanging around the beach. We did some shopping and had lunch by Waikiki Beach which is amazing. We headed back to go to the airport where we had a fifty-minute flight to The Big Island. Teacher Gerald lives on the outskirts of Hilo which they call the rainforest side of the big island. His area is called Mountain View. He is about 12 miles to Volcano National Park…how cool is that.

Beautiful Sand Art in the Sheraton Resort Waikiki Beach
Duke Paoa Kahanamoku
Waikiki Beach

Next stop…The Big Island – Hilo, Hawaii….we will catch you on the flip side 🤙🏻

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