Florida Bound

We had to cancel our plans for the rest of the year and head back to Florida to take care of some personal things. We lefT Williams, AZ and our first stop would be Albuquerque NM.

Our last drive on Route 66 for this year….

It was a little less than four hundred miles to Albuquerque NM so we decided to make that our first stop on our trip. It was also Fathers Day weekend so we decided to stop at a Casino that also had an RV park right next to it. We got tickets to see Ron White the comedian from the Redneck Tour to have our date night and celebrate Father’s Day….

No words needed Nature at it best!

Our drive from Arizona to Albuquerque was pretty cool. The mountains are really so beautiful and once again the pictures do not show it justices. We arrived at Route 66 RV Park & Casino. We spent two days there. We never won any money but did have fun on our date night and celebrating dads day. It was time to hit the road we had a lot of ground to cover.

Our sweet spot
Our smiles say it all
Our Date night
Johnny having a beer and a shot on Father’s Day at the Casino bar
Paul B Johnson State Park
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

After two days of driving from New Mexico to Mississippi ( we stopped each night but not in rv park ) we decided to stop at a state park. It was a really cool state park. So nice that once we got there and got set up Johnny wanted to stay two days instead of one so I changed our reservations right away. There was a lake and really just pure peace and quiet for us. We spent the two days walking the park with Lucy and just relaxing. Awe ” our life is good ”…..

It was time to continue our trek south our next stop would be. Tallahassee..on our way out of the State Park this is the bridge we had to cross to get out. As you can see the water flows from the lake across the bridge to another part of the lake into the overflow damn. It really kind of freaked me out when we came into the park and crossed through that water and I told John to stop course he didn’t listen and kept right on trucking, it looked worse than it was. So on the way out, I had to take pictures…if you are in the area this park will not disappoint!

Taken from the Peacebus on our way out…

We had another 375 plus miles to our next stop which would be Tallahassee and a Harvest Host stop which was a car museum. Harvest Host is a membership that you purchase then you can stay for one night all over the U.S. They have farms, museums, winery and a host of other things to spend the night at. It is definitely very cool and this was our first time spending the night in one of these locations. You have to be self-sufficient but you can use your generator and open up your slides so not a bad gig for one night. Beats the heck out spending the night in Walmarts or rest area.

Uncle Sam welcoming us
Tallahassee Car Museum
One of Elvis cars
Peacebus under the shade tree

As you can tell we had the whole place to ourselves…as I mentioned before it was the first time for us to use our membership but I can see we will be using it a lot more in our future travels. We spent the night and headed out the next day for Ocala and Santos Trailhead and Campground. We spent four days there so we can spend some time with our good friends Vern & Kathy at the famous Leslie Pub. We had a great few days and too many laughs.

Cheers to great friends!
Johnny being The Entertainer that he is
All smiles with Kathy @ The Pub
Selfie time😏

We did manage to go to mass on Sunday and celebrate The Feast Of Corpus Christi which was an awesome church & mass.

Ocala, Florida
Celebration of Corpus Christi

After our few days of fun in Ocala and celebrating our return with Kathy & Vern it was time to head home to Punta Gorda….our three hour drive to Sun N Shade RV Park was made with no problems and we both were happy to be back to our familiar town with family and friends.


We will be in Punta Gorda till next March…if you are in the area please make sure to look us up. We are heading to Hawaii for a month in late September but otherwise, you can find us on the Peacebus hanging out. Until our next journey…peace out ✌🏻

2 thoughts on “Florida Bound

  1. Sorry that you had to cut trip short. I am happy that all turned out better than expected!!
    I enjoyed seeing more pictures of you! April you look great!!!


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