Williams, AZ

We left the Grand Canyon and headed about 80 miles south to a town that was right off of the famous Route 66 and to what we was hoping to be a very cool RV Resort called Railside Ranch. The cool thing about this place is the Grand Canyon Railway ran right behind our RV Park..

Lucy chilling waiting on her Dad at our new site..

We spent some time in Williams and it was definitely a step back in time and a great way to get a taste of the era back in the day when Route 66 was the only road to travel on in so many states.

Italian Restaurant with a bit of nostalgia look
Taken a drive down main street in Williams on Route 66..

The next few days we got settled into our new spot. We had to head back to Prescott for the day and gosh the scenery was so cool. We had already been to Prescott before but now we were coming from a different direction. We were near Watson Lake and Granite Mountain it is just absolutely amazing that no picture could ever show it justices. I took pictures anyhow 🤷🏼‍♀️

Our drive to Prescott Granite Mountain
Amazing Granite Dells

On the way home, it started to hail and then as we started getting closer to Williams ( elevation 6765’ ) we had snow on the ground. Yes, just a dusting but good grief it was almost Memorial Day!

Hail as we left Prescott
Higher elevation so hail now was snow

I have to tell you we were not expecting this chilly of weather. They said it was not usually like this in Williams this time of year. John and I had to laugh as that was the same thing the people in Yuma said. Seasonal cold weather this year! I said yes, of course, it is because we decided to spend the winter in the Southwest. Anyhow back in Williams, the weatherman said we were probably going to get about an inch of snow and we ended up getting three inches and our area got the most. I know this is probably not uncommon to everyone that lives in the Southwest, with this high elevation and so close to the Grand Canyon but once again Memorial Day was fast approaching and I was like no way..SNOW??? Yet another first for us. Now I can share with you it was pretty cool. Especially since I’m writing this inside the Peacebus in Florida, and the outside temp here is record highs and so is the feel like temperature right now its 92 degrees feels like 115 🔥 1130 am crazy weather swing for us.

Our first Snow
Out the window of the Peacebus

Finally Memorial weekend was upon us and the weather was nice enough for us to take a drive to Flagstaff. It too has part of rte 66 going through it. We had lunch in downtown Flagstaff @ a Irish Pub..lunch was amazing after that we walked the town a bit then headed off to do some food shopping at the local Fry’s…Flagstaff is very unique and we definitely will be heading back to hit the ski lift to take us to the top of the San Francisco Peaks Mountain a different day.

Snow on the peaks of San Francisco Mountain
On our way to Flagstaff
Look at that delicious salad…yum!
Johnny standing on the corner of Rte 66

The next day we took a drive to Seligman this iconic little town is the birthplace of America’s main street, Route 66. Back in 1987, old Route 66 between Seligam and Kingman was declared Historical Route 66. They have plenty of unique shops, diners, and even mom/pop motels so you can hang around for a few days. Don’t forget get your kicks on route 66 ~ a must!

Seligman, Az
Driving on Route 66 and advertising signs from back in the day
John snuggling up to some dame ~ while Lucy is on the lookout for mom 🙄
Lucy & I checking out the hippie place
Johnny & Lucy checking out our next ride✌️✌️✌️,
John & Lucy in front of the largest route 66 sign

The next town we visited was Williams the town where we were staying in. We did some shopping and walked the streets to check out all the unique stores they had. Stopped at one of the local bars to have drink and lunch at a local restaurant another great unique town to spend a few hours in. It also has the Grand Canyon Railroad Train takes you to the Grand Canyon for the day or go and spend the night and come back on the train the next day. Several different prices of tickets you can buy depending on where you want to be on the train. Each car has its own western story that plays out while you are traveling to the grand canyon. The first Saturday of each month they actually use a steam engine train to take you to the Park. How cool is that?

Love this one!
Steam Engine right out our window
Heading to the Grand Canyon
Downtown Williams

One more trip to the Grand Canyon. Its really hard to see it all in just three days so we decided to go back one more time. This time we took Lucy and we just drove to each point to catch the views. We also went to where the watch tower was and that was really amazing. The views of the Canyon are just breath taking. Our first stop was The Flintstone Amusement Park & Campground that unfortunately just closed at the beginning of the year. We was able to take some pictures and walk around the outside but that was about it. Back in the heydays of this place it cost five dollars to go in and walk around the bedrock town. It on the road that takes you to the Grand Canyon so I’m sure in it day it saw a lot of people.

Johnny & Lucy hanging out in Bedrock
Wilma looking for Fred 🤦‍♀️

After our visit to Bedrock we head to the Grand Canyon. It was an amazing day and we got to see Elk and the views of the Canyon were amazing. One of our stops would be the Desert Watch Tower, though John and I never climbed up inside ( we couldn’t with Lucy ) it was very cool …the watch tower was built by Mary Colter, aptly named because of the views to the east of the Painted Desert, you can see the Colorado River make a big bend and continue to the west. Mary Colter who is often referred to as the architect of the Southwest. This particular tower was patterned after those found at Hovenweep and the Round Tower of Mesa Verde. Mary stated that it was not a copy of any she seen, but rather a model from several.

Johnny & Lucy next to the watch tower
Hence Rapids

Hence Rapids has a lot of power it’s just hard to tell at the distances of about 3.8 miles away. This is one of the most hazardous rapids, as the Colorado River falls the height of a three-story building. The rapids were named after John Hance the South Rim’s first white settler.

Selfie with the Colorado River in background
Johnny & Lucy with an amazing view of the Canyon

Next stop was Lipan Point and the panoramic long view was A-Mazing! You can clearly see the diagonal rock layers on top of the Vishnu Schist, and you can also see the Unkar Delta with it’s interesting history.

Colorado River in the background
Lipan Point

On our drive out of the park we got a close up look at a an Elk that just didn’t know where he wanted to go. It was very cool!

Look at his huge fuzzy rack
Snow cap Mountains ( June 5th )

Our next adventure would be heading to Flagstaff and visiting Arizona Snowbowl. The weather was very warm and sunny and a great day to take a ski lift up the side of San Francisco Peak.

We started out at 9500 feet elevation and very warm and sunny. Johnny had jeans on I had shorts. Go figure! As we climbed the side of the mountain it was an amazing view and got very chilly. When we got to the top of the mountain we was not able to see The Grand Canyon but had a great view of Flagstaff and surrounding area.

Johnny @ the top 11,500 elevation
View from the top Flagstaff in background
Down we go!
Crazy man on the ride

Arizona Snowball is up on top of the San Francisco Peaks and its been around since 1938. Originally the road was dirt and there are 777 acres to ski-260 inches a year of snow that falls there. The Hopi claimed this land back in 1150 to date they still have 13 different Native Tribes in the region. Native people have and still use these peaks for ceremonies and religious activities…how cool is that?

Lucy loves road trips

Our last road trip before we would head back to Florida was to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. I need to get another stamp in my passport book for National parks/ Monuments before we headed south. Sunset Crater is a cinder cone near Flagstaff. Sunset Crater is the youngest in a string of volcanos that are related to the nearby San Francisco Peaks. An interesting note back in 1928 a Hollywood film Co planned to detonare large quantities of explosives on the side of Sunset Crater in order to create an avalanche for the motion picture Avalanche. Public outcry over this plan led in part to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument by President Hoover in 1930

Johnny in the lava rocks
Amazing view of the mountains

We took Lucy home then headed to lunch at a very unique brewery..we had a few drinks and lunch and completely enjoyed the restaurant…very cool interior and they brewed there own beer and my Bloody Mary was made from vodka they bottled as well. Very cool! www.grandcanyonbrewery.com

How cool is this bar furniture?
Unique fireplace
Johnny making a wish
High five Johnny ”says the cat”

Our time came to an end and we were leaving The Southwest and heading back to Florida….as our journey continues…please stay time we have lots more to explore and share!

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