March In Yuma, Arizona

Before we knew it we were in our second month in Yuma…the weather was still a bit chilly but we had the sun shining and we could open up the windows a bit so it was becoming very promising that spring was here.

We went to the Yuma air show at The Marine Airfield Base. My first air show ever ( another first with Johnny ) it was quite the show and it was free so a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We love being able to attend local shows that the area has going on while we are in the area. We try to do our homework and make a list of things we must see….bucket list things, but at times it can be overwhelming as we do try to figure out where/ what to do and plan quite a few months out. So being in town for the air show was a plus. John really enjoyed it! It was a beautiful sunny day too!

These pictures below are the reenactment of Tora Tora Tora ( actual planes in picture that they used in the first movie made of Tora Tora Tora ) The attack on Pearl Harbor…at 7:55 am The leader Commander Fuchida sent the coded message ” TO, TO, TO, ” and “Tora, Tora, Tora” telling the fleet that the attack had begun and that the surprised and been achieved.

The re-enactment was amazing and intense and of course, you really had to be at the air show to get the full effects of the announcer doing the commentary over the speaker. He did an amazing job. It sorta was an eye-opener for me as my dad was in the Navy and he was there when the strike on Pearl Harbor happened and actually got injured doing the fight…sigh…had I only ask more questions when he would talk about those times. Now it is too late. 😥

It was family time so off to the airport to pick up Scotty & Tammy. They were coming for vacation and there first time staying on the Peace Bus with us, and there first time in Arizona. We went to Mexico the next day after there arrival. There they are on the streets of Los Algodones, Mexico. It about a twenty-five-minute drive. We cross over to California then to the border.

Streets of Los Angodones, Mexico
Pueblo Viejo Restaurant

We shopped, we walked the street of this small Mexico town and we met some of the nicest people. Everyone wants your money but they all did it in a nice way. Everything is ”almost” free and they definitely like to wheel and deal with you. It was a great day and now time to head back to the border crossing for a nice long wait. We drove and parked the car right next to the border crossing. Six dollars to park all day.. You walk into Mexico but to get out it is a bit longer.

Us waiting in line to cross back over into the states.

I know this is a quicker way..come on daughter let’s take a short cut

Once Johnny and Tammy realized that climbing over the wall into the states was not going to work it took us about 1.5 hours in line to go through the border crossing. They just ask you what you are bringing back in after they scan your passport and that it. You continue walking through the lines till you are back out where you parked your car. Pretty simple and a great time! We did eat at one of the restaurants right by the border and the food was good. The restaurant was recommended by several people we talked to. The margaritas where pretty good and only three dollars.

Not sure about these two guys. They look a little scary….and maybe a bit offensive hand signs too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Monday we headed out to San Diego in the Peace Bus it was about 3.5 hours to The Sweetwater County Park where would we stay for four days. It was the second time we actually had people with us traveling on The Bus. When we got to Florida last November Kim and Sophie did ride with us from Orlando to the east coast state park. So it kind of cool to have family along for a trip so they can see what we do and why we love this life. We arrived at Sweetwater Regional Park in Bonita Ca and got everything set up so we could head into San Diego and check out Mission Bay.

The view from the our campground- how cool is that!

A shot of some houses on a hillside in San Diego

Probably one of the coolest parks we have stayed at. Tammy and Scotty sure enjoyed our sweet little spot. In the one picture, you see the countryside with all the house on the side of the mountain. That is part of San Diego. Rest of the shots are pictures of the area right around the park.

We headed out to Mission Bay which is a saltwater Bay ( lagoon) located south of Pacific Beach in San Diego. It a community built on a sandbar between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay. most of our travel time was less then 30 mins. Which was pretty sweet as we did have to travel a lot of the interstate but we managed to miss a lot of the traffic.

We will drink to that. Drinks were on Johnny. Taken tiki bar looking out at Mission Bay

It had about a three-mile boardwalk with restaurants, shops and lots of sand and beach. We did some shopping off the boardwalk and then stopped at one of the local restaurants for dinner.

The next day we went out on a boat to whale watch. We did see one grey whale ( I never got a good shot ) he never really surfaced where I could get any good shots and it was a bit chilly and windy so my picture taken skills was not the best on this trip. We did also see probably about 50-75 ” common ” dolphins ( that what they are called in the Pacific Ocean ) they were pretty amazing they jumped and followed along with the boat but no real good shots of them either. It was a three-hour boat ride and well worth the deal Tammy got off of Groupon. For the four of us 82 dollars. We spent quite a bit more in Boothbay, Maine last year just for the two of us.

This picture is of Tijuana. The blue building on the top right is the bullpen. Over to the left, the black line going up the hill is the fence ( wall ) to separate San Diego, from Tijuana. The border crossing is about the same as the town we crossed over into by Yuma but we did not go to Tijuana this trip. Have to wait till another time to check out Tijuana, Mexico. Just can’t do everything!

Back into the marina, I did get some shots of some harbor seals sunbathing on the dock area. They are so darn cute.

Left the Marina and headed to Pacific Beach which was down on the other end of Mission Bay. We walked the boardwalk and was able to walk out on the pier where they actually had cottage you could rent right on the boardwalk. That was a first for us we had never seen that before. They pulled their cars right out on the boardwalk as well. Walking on it was a little iffy we thought. Boards broke, creeping and cracking as we walked on it but it never stopped us from continuing on out so we could take some pictures. The surf was pretty intense and we wanted to get a selfie to send to our grandson Corey. So onwards we went 🤦‍♀️ absolutely beautiful view so glad we walked out there.

Beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean but very chilly, can you tell?

As you can tell it was chilly and windy in San Diego and especially near the beach. We are dressed like it winter ( it felt like it to us ) Scotty has shorts on and did finally put on a sweatshirt. Johnny and I are just not up to anything below 80 ( no humidity, of course ) so we sure are ready for the weather to warm up and stay that way. After we walked and shopped a bit we ate dinner and heading back to the RV. We did not care for our meal that we got but Tammy and Scotty enjoyed their meal so if in the area you may want to give it a try.

Our last day in San Diego it was calling for rain. We wanted to go kayaking at La Jolla where you can actually kayak from the Pacific Ocean into several caves. The weather being what it was we decided to so see the seals and walk down into one of the caves. How cool is that? So with the plan in place off we went to La Jolla Cove. I guess there are seals and sea lions. We could not tell the difference but gosh they are so darn cute.

Absolutely amazing views as we walked along the rocks near the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla. In the one-shot, you can see the storm is rolling in. We continued walking towards the cave area and ran into some more seals. It will be hard to describe what we saw, but we heard one seal crying and she was trying to make her way up to the beach ( to her mom we thought ) it appears she is not strong enough but the poor little thing keeps trying as she continues to cry.

If you look real close there the baby in the top right corner ( it not a rock ) ( I so needed to video these shots ) anyhow it appears the baby is making his way to the three larger seals ( not in the shot 🤦‍♀️ ) still crying loud enough that all of the people standing there with us are really feeling sorry for this poor seal …Then a wave comes pushing in another couple seals. Long and behold it her momma and the crying seal turns around and makes a mad dash towards her. She goes right up and kisses her momma. Nature at it finest! The whole crowd was cheering. Amazingly cool and beautiful is the only way to describe these shots. Again the two seals are in theright-hand side of the picture next to rocks closest to water.

Mama and baby reunited as mom comes washing into shore

Momma and baby reunited.

It was a beautiful few minutes watching nature at its best. We would continue to walk towards the cave area but mother nature had another idea in mind with a storm rolling in towards us so we decided to stop and eat. We went to smash burgers and it was delicious. First time for us and I had the chicken club with avocado it was yummy! I believe the rest of the group had burgers but we all loved our food. Pretty good for fast food. We hung out there till the rain stopped. We decided to go get the car as it seemed the place had thinned out once the rain came. We were about two miles away from the car and the cave ( both in different directions) so better to get the car first. We lucked out got a spot right next to the cave this time. That one thing about this place. Lots of parking but it can be challenging it was extremely busy and it was during the week. The weekend they say is mad busy. The parking is free you either had two-hour parking or three hours. The La Jolla actually has 7 caves but only one you can walk down into. The others can be reached by kayaking. Which would have been awesome if the weather would have been better. It cost five dollars to walk down inside the cave and you go through a little unique store first to reach the cave area. It a sea cave that about 200,000 years old. This particular cave is the only one out of 7 that has land access. The tunnel is manmade and was dug- out in 1902 by 2 Chinese laborers. The laborers were working for Gystav Shultz a German engineer that was also an artist on the side and he was coming to La Jolla to retire. His artwork got stolen on the boat on the way over so he needed a way to fund his retirement. So he had the tunnel dug to start charging admission in 1905. There are 145 steps down and it the original steps from 1912. Before the steps were made the guest descended by rope. How cool is that? Also another fun fact during prohibition the cave was used to smuggle alcohol into La Jolla. Another interesting fact- The name of this cave is The Sunny Jim Cave named by Frank Baum the author of The Wizard Of Oz. Who knew?

Away we go, only 140 steps left!

Down, down we go! Now stop and turn around & smile like you are loving the steps!
Amazing shot from the inside of the cave out to The Pacific Ocean

What a great time we had at La Jolla Cove ( thank you Motorhome Experiment for telling us about this spot ) we would head back to the Bus for a quiet evening at the campgrounds and heading back to Yuma the next day.

One last day with Tammy and Scotty before they would head back to Lancaster. Scotty wanted to see a bit of the Arizona scenery before he headed home. Our first stop was a visitor center close to us to see what / where was the best place to go. Info in hand we headed out for about a 45 min drive to Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.

Johnny leading the way

It wasn’t a long hike. Just about 2 miles. It made a loop so very easy to do but Scotty and Tammy got a great view of what this part of the county looks like. The views of the mountains out here are very pretty. After our hike, we went back into town to have lunch by the lake and that would be the end of our time with the kids. They headed out the next day for home. After the kids left Johnny got back to our DIY projects we have going on. Sprucing up the Peace Bus a bit. That is for us catch you all next month.

Johnny hard at work! Taken with my 8mm app on my iPhone.

State Map ~ at least one night stay while on the mickeypeacebus ~

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