Yuma, Az

Well, it been one month for us in Yuma….we are at Shangri-La RV Resort (www.shrangri-larvresort.com) it comes with a pool/ hot tub/pool tables, pickleball courts, 18 holes putting course, and lots of other activities. Really hard to get bored with this lifestyle. The month of February was Yuma coldest month ever ( they said ) Johnny and I were cold and we did very little outside for the first three weeks. We are definitely Floridians at heart.

Once it got above 65 we ventured downtown. They had a craft fair on main street and we had lunch at the Prison Bar. Served us our food on the tin plates prisoners eat on and the bathroom doors creek like it would in a cell. Not that Johnny and I know from experience 🙄

One thing they do in this RV Park is walk. They walk with there pets, there partners/ holding hands, on a bike or alone but they do walk!

We took a 2.5-hour drive and went to Organ Pipe Cactus National Park. Once we got there I, of course, got my National passbook stamped and we also got to see the memorial that they have for Kris Eggle. Park Ranger that was slain in the line of duty from pursuing illegals. After the Visitor Center, we started out on our 21 miles drive through the park.

It was pretty amazing. The canyon was beautiful and we hiked up it and back. Saw amazing wildflowers blooming and cactus of all sizes and shapes. The organ pipe cactus park is the only place you can see the strand grow naturally. They can grow 15 ft and could live for 150 years. How cool is that?

The wildflowers Mexican gold poppy were beautiful… or was it because being in the desert for two months anything with color looked amazing to us 🤔 we did a 2.5-mile hike up and back with Lucy and it was a great hike. We did see signs posted about being on the lookout for illegals as the park borders Mexico, but we did not have any issues. Thank God!!! We had such an awesome time and to date our best hike this year!

On the way back to Yuma we had to stop at a couple checkpoints. We stop they ask Johnny if we are both U.S. citizens and he tells them SI’ I am, but senorita is not 😏 outcomes the dogs and the guns and we get our vehicle searched and Lucy is barking and growling at the border patrol dogs Then Johnny says oh just joking 🤦‍♀️ we have been banned from that route. LOL – life with Johnny!

Catch you all next month..we are doing some diy projects on the peace bus and Tammy and Scotty are coming for a visit. #familyfirst

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