Quartzsite, Arizona

We made it to Quartzsite a day earlier than had planned but was still able to check in to 88 Shades RV Park. We reserved a site for a month because it is cheaper to do that. $375 a month plus electric so very inexpensive and honestly the park needs some major updates so the price fit the park. On the plus side, it did come with cable tv which is a great amenity for Johnny ( he loves to watch movies at night ). I was even happy with the cable it had hallmark channel – no hgtv but after all, we were in the desert can’t have everything…

We had a camel come to the RV Park to visit us. The owner of the park Johnson sponsors a camel and on this particular day they had the Hi Jolly parade in town which includes camels and after the parade, Johnson has the camel trainer bring his camel to the park so everyone could see him and take pictures- pretty dang cool! Now to explain the camels and the man Hi Jolly that they celebrate. A little-known fact about this town of Quartzsite. Hi Jolly became his name once he came to America but he was born Hadjii Ali ( born ) 1828 -1902 ( death ) his parents were Syrian/ Greek parentage. In 1856 he became one of the first drivers ever hired by the US Army to lead the camel driver experiment in the Southwest. Hi Jolly became a living legend until his death. He was the lead driver in the US Army’s experiment with the U.S. Camel Corps in using camels in the dry deserts of Southwest. After successfully traveling round trip from Texas to Calif, the experiment failed, partly due to the problem that the Army’s burros, horses, and mules feared the large animals, often panicking, and the tensions of the American civil war led Congress not to approve more funds to the corp. So the Army let Hi Jolly go and he purchased a few camels from the Army and ran a freight service for a while but that business was unsuccessful so he released his camels in the desert near the Gila Bend. In his final years, he moved to Quartzsite where he did scouting for the US government until his death in 1902. So every year the town of Quartzsite celebrate Hi Jolly life. The End!

We actually came to Quartzsite to see one of the largest RV shows they have in the US with vendors and a huge gem show as well. That is what Quartzsite is known for. We follow www.motorhomeexperiment.com on youtube and one of there videos showed the area so we thought we would check it out. As well as us coming we were hoping motorhome experiment would be there so we could meet up with them. They did come along with www.veganrv.com so we were part of a couple meetups and solar talk and bonfires. Pretty cool group of people and just goes to show you how easy it is to meet new people in all stages of your life. If you’re reading my blog because of the interest in being a fulltime RV-ER our advice go for it! It a great life -really it is!

themotorhomeexperiment ( Paul & Lorena )

veganrv ( Kevin & Laura )

We took a ride to the nearest town Parker AZ to visit a very unique bar. The name of it is Desert Bar/ Nellie E Saloon. Once you see the pictures you will understand the name…it was about a 40-mile drive to the cutoff then down a five-mile dirt/rock road to get to the bar. Also, a great place to ride your ATV/4 wheeler. It a quirky, rustic watering home, built on the site of a former mining camp, only open oct-april ( weekends only ) and they only accept cash! The place was pretty awesome and very busy. Thanks, to Motorhome Experiment for sharing the place with us…

As you can see John made it to the top of the mountain! Here’s a look inside the bathrooms ( below) which as you can see was carved right out of the mountain. Very unique fun place to visit. A must do if you are in the area!

Next up would be the RV show and vendor booths. We spent several days going there. We were able to ride our bikes to/ from each time which was very cool. Found some good buys on a few things and was able to get outside light for the bus. We toured several new/ used rvs in all kinds of price ranges with lots of cool upgrades and some used ones that weren’t so cool ( stained carpet/smokers ) at the end of the day John and I decided our coach is the best one. We are very blessed.

New peace sign for the bus and Johnny got him a cowboy hat. What a cutie he is in his new hat…

We stopped at the local bar called Silly Al’s with its vintage decor and inexpensive drinks it a must stop while in Quartzsite. Right next to it is a small museum where you can learn about the town history and see some of the rocks that they have found in the area. The gal that volunteers at the museum told us that someone had just found an ounce of gold only two feet below the ground. How cool is that!

On our way back to the RV Park we pass over several creek beds ( that what I call them ) but they have no water. In Arizona, it is called a wash bed which actually just means a habitat to indicate their relationship with rivers. It occurs in the flat bottoms of canyon and drainage that lack water at or near the surface most of the year, and are subject to periodic severe flooding. Who knew🤷🏼‍♀️

Of course, we went to mass in the local church. Had a spag dinner one night as well. We so enjoy interacting with the local town people, but as with us, there is a lot of people from different parts of the US. Makes for very interesting small talk at these functions. Selfie was taken of course with Father Richard.

It was time to leave Quartzsite and I am so glad we came but it would not be a place I would return to unless in the area. For RV-ERS that like to boondock, there are hundreds and hundreds of places to do so on what they call BLM land. You can stay up to two weeks for a mere forty dollars and they do have fresh water and a dump station available. We may do that for a few days on our way back next year ( for the experience of boondocking with nothing but mountains and stars around you ) but for now, it was time for us to head down the road to Yuma where we will spend the next three months. Thanks so much for following our journey and we certainly hope you love seeing the country through our eyes as much as we enjoy sharing with each and every one of you guys.

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