Arizona Bound

January first we left Indian Creek Rv Park and headed west. Our first stop would be New Orleans where we would stay at Lake Pontchartrain Landing Marina & RV Park.

It sat right on the water and we had a great spot and a great view of the marina and some cool looking houseboats ( maybe our next adventure – πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ )

We took the van to downtown New Orleans that the RV Park has available ( six dollars round trip ) walk the streets it was calling for rain, but we were well prepared with rain jackets, umbrellas, and dressed in layers. After walking Bourbon street for a while Johnny wanted to find a bar that he remembered from back in the ’80s when he was last in New Orleans. It was a bar that had dueling pianos…we found it and actually had dinner and then moved to the bar to have drinks and listen to the music. It was females playing the piano pretty interesting and very cool. The crowd seemed to be a tad younger than us but we still enjoyed the whole night.

He was awesome at playing the tray! Johnny wanted me to give him a tip! Very interesting talent tray playing lol….

It was time to head back to the drop-off point to catch our ride back to the RV Park. It was pouring rain and if you know us I walk fast Johnny walks slow. Usually, I stay with John but did I mention it was pouring rain, yes we had rain jackets and umbrellas but we were still getting rained on. So we head out me mainly leading we keep walking Johnny walking too slow for me I’m telling him, Johnny come on we are going to miss our ride. People on the street are telling him as they pass him you better hurry up John your going to miss the van. We keep walking and now John says we are going the wrong way, no no we aren’t John hurry up walk faster I tell him., Sure enough, we miss the pick up time and had to call Uber. Once we get home to get dry it then gets funny because neither one of us had the presence of mind to read the map that the van driver gave us OR use my 8 plus iPhone that could have taken us to the exact spot we needed to be picked up at. It can be an adventure when we go out and alcohol is involved and directions need to be figured out. New Orleans is a must stop and it was on our bucket list now βœ… off our list!

We left New Orleans to our next stop San Antonio, Texas. We would arrive at Hidden Valley RV Park where we were greeted by the nicest person ever in an RV Park. Actually, the people of San Antonio were all very nice and helpful. John and I think probably the nicest people we have come across so far. Along the way, we crossed some very very old bridges that I was a bit nervous about crossing. We, of course, crossed all of them with no issues. We went to Mass on Sunday and had to have some tires put on the Kia and visited the local Mall had lunch then headed back to the RV Park to take Lucy on a walk and catch a pretty cool sunset…

We attended mass at Sacred Heart of Jesus founding date is June 1935. Selfie with Father is icing on the cake after an awesome mass. Thank you, Father πŸ™πŸ»βœοΈ

Lucy enjoyed our walk around the RV Park and then up the hill to catch the San Antonio sunset

The next day we went to downtown San Antonio. We first visited the Alamo which was very cool and free to go through. If you want a guided tour then you have to pay for that. You are not allowed to touch any of the walls and at the time of our visit, some area was being renovated to stay as true to the mission as they can. As you may or may not know that actually what the Alamo was ” A Mission”. No pictures were allowed to be taken inside the Alamo either.

After we conquered the Alamo we walked to the Riverfront. Wow it is so cool there you walk through the Hilton and it takes you to where restaurants, shops are. You can take a boat ride through the waterfront which is about a 40-minute ride and you get the scoop on most of the history of San Antonio. One thing that we learned was when they built the Hilton ( right across the street from The Alamo ) they had to build it with certain glass in the windows so they did not cast a shadow on the Alamo. Who knew

We had dinner at The Casa Rio right on the riverwalk and I enjoyed one of the best Margaritas I’ve had in a while ( other than Johnny’s ) and John had a local beer…Alamo Golden Ale…It was a great night as we walked the riverwalk and then headed over to the Cathedral.

This is where heroes of the Alamo remains are. Inside the Cathedral…San Fernando Cathedral is from the 18th century and it was the first Catholic church built in San Antonio. The church was named after Ferdinand the third Castile, who ruled in the 13th-century. It is also notable one of the oldest active cathedrals in the US. Amazingly beautiful and these pictures do not show its beauty. I absolutely love that we can visit all these amazing places..we certainly are blessed. After the tour of the beautiful Cathedral, we walked back to the river walk and took a boat tour through the downtown. Pretty cool thing to do cost was only 20 dollars for both and well worth the trip. It a 40-minute ride through the waters of downtown San Antonio…tour guide was pretty cool guy as well. If you are in the area it a must see in our opinion….

It was time to leave San Antonio and continue our journey to Arizona. Our next stop was something on Johnny bucket list Tombstone AZ. The speed limit increased ( a lot ) and we would pass through a checkpoint. At the first one they had dogs out but they just ask John how many were in the RV and let us go on down the road. I guess The Mickeypeacebus didn’t seem to be a threat especially with two old people like us on the bus with a crazy cavapoo barking at them πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

We had stopped in a rest area for the night and when we woke this was the amazing sunrise we woke up to in New Mexico. Doesn’t get much better than this! We are truly blessed…

This is the checkpoint we had to go through…everyone has to go through it. This was before the govt shutdown I would assume they probably are lots tighter during the shutdown. Even though they didn’t seem to be having any issues when we passed through. It was very interesting as I had no idea we would deal with this. Once we crossed over into New Mexico / Texas obviously lots closer to the Mexico border.

Between San Antonio and Tombstone, the traffic slowed down a bit so I drove the bus we were traveling on me – 10 so it was pretty easy going. I didn’t drive but a half hour or so just to get the feel of the rig. The steering is very loose so I need more drive time before I can say I’m good. At the time 30 mins were all I could handle with Johnny being the co-pilot 😏 To get to Tombstone we would get off I-10 and have to travel about 20 miles down some back roads. So once again another checkpoint. This one was quick and simple no dogs and they just said how many and have a good day. Whew! Two checkpoints in one day, but we did it! The next day we took the van service at the RV Park to Tombstone. It was chilly and rainy but we didn’t care we only had one day so we had to go see the town. As soon as we got dropped off we were greeted by a gun-slinging cowboy waiting on us to go see the re-enactment of a few the gunfights at the local saloon. it was the gunfight palace and they do a great job of taken you back and re-enacting the wild west.

After that show, we walked the famous Allen Street down to the Ok Corral. They do the same thing there is a re-enactment of the shoot out of the OK Corral. The showdown lasted 30 seconds left three cowboys dead and Virgil and Morgan Earp wounded. Actual place of the shooting still there amazing did you know that? Pretty cool….

This is the actual site of the big shoot out at The OK Corral. They say 30 bullets in 30 seconds was the entire gunfight.

John with Doc Holiday and the Earp Brothers telling them not to shoot! After this Johnny said he was starving I guess watching all those men getting shot makes a man hungry. So we strolled on over to Big Nose Kates Saloon, she was Doc Holiday’s girlfriend ( first known prostitute in the town of Tombstone ) and one of the witnesses to the gunfight at the OK Corral. The Saloon is in the place where the Grand Hotel was back in the day of the wild west. This was the best part of the day for me. I was chilled to the bone after watching the 30-minute gunfight ( in the rain ) and ( sitting on cold metal benches) so I was ready to hit the saloon and have us some whiskey and grub…

The menu was an old newspaper with stories about the Wild West and food picks all rolled up in one..very cool

Even had a gunslinger at the bar. The girls dressed like they did in the 1800s and there was live music and lots of stuff hanging off the walls. It was good food good drinks and very inexpensive town to visit and be a tourist in. Several museums to see and you actually get a copy of the newspaper from the day after the shoot out of the ok corral with the story being told about whether the Earp brothers were murders or not? They concluded after 30 days of testimony that the Earp brothers along with Doc Holiday were not to be charged with murder…

We drank our whiskey ate our grub than headed over to the museum with a stroll on the famous Allen Street ( main road down the center of town ) before leaving the Old West behind and seeing how things were in the 1800s. In the days of The Earp’s and Doc Holiday Tombstone was a bustling town of about 8000 people. Pretty cool!

Johnny on the famous Allen Street trying not to get killed….

Time for us to leave Tombstone and head down the road to our final destination Quartzsite AZ. We will stay there for the month of January…

4 thoughts on “Arizona Bound

  1. What a great adventure, worth waiting to read about! This line made me chuckle, 30 minutes is … I could handle with Johnny being the co-pilot πŸ˜‰ .


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