Happy New Year! One Year on the Mickeypeacebus!!!

We had a fabulous December with friends Kathy and Vern. Steve and Ellie stopped down Ft Myers Beach and we had lunch and drinks..Kathy & Vern brought in the New Year with us which was fun. Dinner at Phil’s and then back to cloud nine ( there 44 trawler/motor Yacht ) where would catch up with old marina acquaintance and Nancy, Kasey & Travis stopped over for a while. We also spent time with Willis!

Family time and Sacred Heart Church was the absolute best. We were only in Southwest Florida one month so we made the best of it. We stayed 3 miles from Randy, Kim & Corey so we had lots of fun times with them.

We went to the Boat Parade at Salty Sam’s on the Blue Turtle ( Randy & Kim’s 40 ft trawler) our second year enjoying that with them.

The next day we would get to see Santa with The strand Family ( my beautiful granddaughter & family ) Heather, Nick & Emily too! After that, it was Maddie 3 BD so much fun and then we rolled right into spending as much time with family as we could. It was an amazing month and the best Christmas Eve ( midnight mass ever )

Even though things aren’t always perfect We try to enjoy the moment and the time with family is priceless.

We had family dinners on the peace bus along with family breakfasts we had Christmas Eve at Britt’s house where Cody deep fried the perfect turkey ( you out did your self Grandson😉) we went to the Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Kim’s side of the family BD we went to Salty Sams and saw Elvis with Kim, Randy & Corey ( John had a blast ) Me not so much 🙄 but great memories for sure. We went to Headpinz and bowled with Randy, Kim, Corey, Cody, Britt & Girls John and myself. Papa John kicked everyone butt🤔.

We opened gifts with Randy, Kim & Corey on the peace bus for the first time!

Maddie 3rd Bd party ”Unicorns Rock”

First Christmas on The PeacebusJack & Ashley’s House 2018

Four Generation missing my Mom so much😇

We had dinner at Heathers n Nick served by Chef Nick with there new air fryer Santa brought them. Dinner was yummy! Great job Nick!

Too many pictures taken, lots of memory and laughter for sure. We are on the road again until November 2019…We hopefully will see some of you either in Arizona ( Tammy & Scott ) Vegas ( Heather, Nick, Jack, Ashley, Britt & Cody) onto Utah, Wyoming ( maybe see Randy, Kim & Corey ) everyone welcome – friends too. We just need a heads up!



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