We left Nashville and heading to my brother’s place in Alabama…we would spend a few days here at The Hidden Hollow RV Park. It a very nice park and very convenient for us to spend time with my brother Ronnie and his family. Most of you probably already know this but my brother is fighting terminal cancer. After a couple of days with him, we would move on to Florida and stay in a state park…

Uncle John & Jax…

My brother Ron, my nephew Chris and me at my brother’s house in Cottonwood….

Picture of the mickeypeacebus at the Park…me driving the bus out of the park and a shot of the lodge that they have there as well. The place was super nice. They had built it to be a casino but they were not able to get all the necessary permits ( I believe ) so it a place to play bingo/ lodge and RV Park all in one. Definitely a nice place. Check out their website. www.hiddenhollowrvpark.com

We left Alabama & went to High Springs, Florida with a stop in Crestview to pick up our mail…on the way to Blue Springs State Park I was talking on the phone to Teacher Gerald and Johnny took the wrong turn..now keep in mind we have traveled about 8 thousand miles and not once have we had an issue with making a wrong turn and ended up in a dead end till now. When we are in our home state. It was too funny. We did manage to be able to back the rv up and not have to disconnect the car & trailer.

We spent a few days at Blue Springs State Park did some kayaking…Very secluded area and primitive park it actually just got taken over by the state and there are a lot of possibilities for the Park if they just invest some time and money in it. The springs were absolutely beautiful…

Our next stop would be Disney World…it has been a couple years since John and I had been there and to take the Peace Bus there was going to be a great adventure for us. We spent four days there, never enough time but we did have Nancy and Kasey come to visit so off to Disney Springs we went. Spent the afternoon and night shopping and having dinner at Planet Hollywood. They have done an amazing job with Disney Springs and it is a must see if you are on going to Disney.

While waiting for the bus to come to take us to Disney Springs we had these guys show up and as you can see they were not a bit concerned with us. So you know they definitely love hanging out and calling Fort Wilderness there home….that was very cool.

That’s Kasey crazy dessert she ordered and shared it with Johnny, of course. Dinner at Planet Hollywood was good and they had remodeled the Restaurant since the last time John and I had been there. All for the better it was a much-needed update. Nancy & Kasey headed back to there resort to head home the next day and John and I would do Epcot next. Before Epcot, we would spend some time exploring Fort Wilderness and do some shopping.

John with the whole world in his hands….

We really enjoyed Epcot we did the crash dummy track saw how to grow your own food soared Cross country ate lunch at an authentic United Kingdom pub traveled from America to Canada, Mexico, Germany, China, Japan just to name a few countries and on the way home found Mickey…

The night before we were to leave Fort Wilderness Randy, Kim, Corey, and Sophie arrived to spend the next few days with us at Flager Beach. On Saturday Corey would have a competition in Orlando at a Cable Park. He took second place in the competition ( we were surprised he didn’t take first ) he is one amazing grandson and we could not be more proud of him!

After spending the afternoon at the cable park John, Kim, Sophie, Lucy and myself take the peace bus to Flagler beach actual to Roger Gamble State Park which is located on Flagler Beach. We would spend the next four days there. The beach access was just across the street so Randy and Corey could get some surfing in. The water was freezing though but the guys didn’t seem to care as they were out there each day for a few hours.. At night Corey had plenty of options…bike ride, take the Kia for a spin or build a bonfire. Whatever he does he does well!

Randy having some one on one time with his fur baby sissy…

It would be time to say goodbye to Randy, Kim, Corey, and Sophie and we would catch up with them in a few weeks as we are staying close to them for the month of December in Fort Myers Beach. We would head about two hours west to Lake Griffin State Park and spend four days there. This State Park was close enough for us to go visit Kathy & Vern in Ocala and also go visit my Aunt Doris who lives in Deltona ( my mom’s sister ) we spent a fantastic Thanksgiving Day with Kathy and Vern. They outdid their self as they always do when we visit. We love our time in The Leslie’s Pub, and Thanksgiving dinner was awesome!

This is one of the oldest oak trees around. The age is between 300- 500 years old…who knew?

Love, love my Aunt Doris she is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She tells it like it is and if you don’t like it too darn bad!!! She is a younger version of my Mom and I am a younger version of them both. I’m very proud to say that too!!!

Next stop Kathy and Vern celebrating Thanksgiving with some amazing friends…life is good

We truly are so blessed to be able to travel the way we are and be able to spend time with the people we love. Life is good for us and we can not wait to make more memories down the road…we would go back to Roger Gamble State Park this time we would have a site on the beach side with a perfect view of the beach and the awesome sound of the waves crashing in on the beach. Awe..what an awesome sound to hear as you fall to sleep.

We did drive through Daytona and spend two days in St Augustine which is pretty cool. They have the National Park ( fort ) there so I was able to get a stamp in my passport book in St. Augustine and also we stopped at Fort Matanzas and got my book stamped there too. Too cool!

St. Augustine was a revisit for John and I at different times in our life’s we both had visited the city but now we would visit it together and it was beautiful…from the fort to the amazing Christmas lights on display and the beautiful reflections of the boats off the water…

It was time to start the trek South with a stop in Sarasota and one in North Port before finding our way to Indian Creek in Fort Myers Beach for the month of December…

Myakka State Park is a great state park. Not sure if all my readers understand but if you are a Florida resident and 65 or older ( A.K.A. Johnny ) you get half off at all state parks in Florida. It an absolutely great deal with some pretty awesome parks right in our backyard. Myakka State Park was a great choice and we were able to poke around a bit and do a small trail walk and visit the Canopy walk where you climb 76 feet in the air above the tree line.

After our over nite stay at Myakka, we would head farther south to North Port and spend the night in our first ever Walmart so we could catch up with some family in the area before we headed farther south to Fort Myers Beach. Dinner at Cracker Barrel with some family …The next day we would head to Indian Creek RV Park where we will spend the month of December with friends and family in Fort Myers Beach.

Mickey Peace Bus parked at the Walmart in Northport!!!

We will continue the blog once we start out next year and head to Arizona for the winter …We want to wish each and every one of you Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year and we will catch you all on the other side. Thank you so much for following along while we criss-cross the USA…in The MickeyPeaceBus

www.harvesthosts.com ( if you are RV-ing check this site out before the end of the year the price will increase in 2019 )

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  1. Awesome trip! I’m ready and waiting… Two other comments. Waikiki is the world’s most famous beach and what’s a cable beach?


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