Nashville, Tennessee

We left the mountains of NC and headed to Music City where we would spend a week at The Grand Ole’ RV Park. At check in the gal in the office said they were under a red alert, which meant flooding ( lots of rain ) but she said not to worry because our site should be ok. We did have the best spot ( we thought ) right off the perfect corner…

That the Peace Bus in the background and as you can see it a great site..the next day we decided to go check out downtown Nashville as on Friday night we had tickets to go see the grand ole’ Opry house…parking is always a dilemma in the downtown areas that we visit. Nashville did not disappoint us in this area either. John and I think investing in a parking lot business in a major city is a smart idea. We find a place to park minimum four hours= 24$ so not too bad. Off to check out the bars. The last time John & I were here was in 2015 when John asks me to marry him at The Gaylord Opryland Resort. Downtown had several new bars that open that were country stars. Our first stop was Tin Roof it was an oldie but goodie bar and had the cheapest drinks in town $3 beer (not bad for John budget )

We moved on to Dierks Bentley’s place to eat and more music. Most bars have three levels and bands at each level/ rooftop as well. Bentley’s place was pretty cool new ( opened in June ) along with several other country artists …the band there was not the greatest but we did eat and had a few drinks..

After we figured out where The Ryman was ( Grand Ole’ Opry House ) we decided to go check out the bars on the other side of the street. Broadway is the main road and there are bars after bars with music playing and in between record stores, boot barn and anything country you may want. Kid Rocks Bar would be our next stop and Johnny boy got to hang out have a beer and meet some “Nashville Bad-Asses”

Next stop was Luke ( Bryan ) 32 Bridges Bar w/ six floors and a rooftop sushi bar. Doesn’t get much better than that. The name was inspired by a bridge near his hometown of Lee County, Georgia. We are huge Luke fans so this was a must stop for us!

The next day was one of the reasons we came to Nashville to go to The Ryman where the Grand Ole’ Opry is held. We saw a mix of artist some new ( Michael Ray/ Carly Pearce ) some old ( Ricky Skaggs) and it was awesome. Not a bad seat in the place and we so enjoyed the night. Its definitely a must in our opinion if you go to Nashville.

Saturday John & Judy arrived. They were going to stay one night with us at the RV then a few more nights in downtown Nashville at a new hotel that just opened. Off to downtown Nashville, we headed again with John & Judy after hanging out at the Campground for the afternoon with them. John had never been to Music City and Judy had not gotten to see much on a previous trip she made. We did a few bars but no pictures as it was night time. John and Judy loved the town. The next day we would go to the Opryland Hotel. This is the place John ask me to marry him ( after he downed a double cc/7up ) not sure if he was nervous about the question or the answer he was about to get. 🤷🏼‍♀️ this resort is absolutely beautiful and it was in between seasons. Fall was on it way out and Christmas on it way in…our first stop was the bar where John proposed ( how sweet he wanted to stop there first ) for his double cc & 7…again. I’m not sure but I think he may be drinking for a different reason now. 🤦‍♀️

After we had our drinks we walked around the resort John and Judy did the boat ride through the waterways they have going through the resort. The night we got engaged we had done that as well…it pretty awesome just a 15 mins boat ride but you get a lot of history about who has visited, etc…so we opted to do some sightseeing of the resort and a little shopping. It beautiful and I think we have decided we will come back for a long weekend and stay at the Gaylord ( no RV )

After the boat ride, we decided to eat somewhere an John was determined to find the place we ate at the last time there because we meet Jose ( Jesus ) where he bought us a drink and then puff he was gone!🤷🏼‍♀️ so we walked through the resort till John was sure the place we stopped at was the place. Had a few drinks and some lunch which was very good and off we went back to the RV…

JR and John decided to play us some music first…and then John and Judy decided to show us how to exit the resort..

The next day we met John & Judy at the there hotel (downtown Nashville) and had drinks on the rooftop of the new Cambria Hotel just right off of Broadway…pretty cool hotel with its own barn door for the bathroom door and a smart mirror. It hooks up to your smartphone and plays music while you are??? lol getting ready to go out…pretty cool stuff we think. From the hotel, we would walk downtown to drink ( cuz’ that what Kalisik do ) and then eat…we decided in Blake Shelton’s bar which is way cool too. The music was great ( some guy from the voice ) chicken was delicious and the drinks were good as well….especially my coke a cola😏 After lunch it was time to check out a couple more bars and then we would say goodbye to the Rutters till our next meet up with them in Somewhere, USA…Life is Good….

Batman building downtown Nashville was taken from uptown.

John and JR in Ole Red Restaurant Blake Shelton’s Restaurant…the name came from his 2001 one-hit Ol Red that made him a star…the restaurant is a must see while in Nashville. It was time for our goodbyes to John & Judy we needed to get back to the RV bad weather was coming ( again ) and we were heading out the next day to head to Alabama to see my brother and family.

Now for the rest of the story….

We get home John gets everything done and then the rain starts we have tornado watch then it goes into a warning it now 10 pm. John says we better get in the car until the warning passes. So we stay in the car for about 20-30 mins. It raining but nothing to talk about. The bad weather is located right in the corner of Nashville where we are!!! Once the warning passes back in the RV we go. Then the rain starts…we hear rv, trucks, and a bunch of noise trying to figure out what going on. At first, we think the majority of the people in the rv park are all gathering upfront where the activity building is, BUT then we see rv starting to moving around…it raining this whole time but it just been about an hour since it started..then a truck swings up by us and flashes his lights on the water and we are like holy cow look at that water rising. John runs out to look and sure enough, it starting to come up quick and we have to get out of there. I mean like NOW and evacuating a 40-foot bus, trailer, and car at midnight is no small task. After John got everything in motion someone from the park finally came over and told us we had to leave the park and had to go to an industrial park because the roads out of the RV Park was flooded going in either direction. He was kind enough to move the Kia to the higher ground till I got done securing stuff inside the RV for John to move it…it took quite a bit of time for them to organize all these RV moving but once we did we headed across the road to industrial park. I am in the Kia John in RV pulling the trailer. We swing into this area where all the parking lots appear flooded ( pitch dark no lights ) then we come upon this tractor and trailer who missed the turn into the already flooded parking lot and his rig is on its side. I’m like holy shit ( I’m in front of John ) I continue down this road till we finally start going up a bit and find a dry area. Right next to Perdue Chicken warehouse! We park in front of some other docks ( bad idea but he has nowhere else to go ) and try to sleep. We have no idea how much water got in but John pretty sure it got into our storage area ( we call it our basement ) The next morning we are awoken by the sounds of a horn going off ( 530 am ) a woman telling John you got to move this bus she has trucks heading in to load up. So that how our day started as we leave Nashville after our third evacuation in as many months. Never a dull moment…catch you done the road in a different state!

2 thoughts on “Nashville, Tennessee

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We have a plethora of things to be thankful for including exciting travels! Hey when you went in that same bar where Jesus bought you a drink and vanished, did you buy a stranger a drink and vanish?

    Another exciting read! Nice adventure with the Rutters and what an ending… tornadoes, flooding and kicked out of the chicken parking lot! Can’t wait for the next adventure!


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