Pineola, NC

We arrived at Down By The River Campground excited and happy to be in the beautiful mountains of NC. We had been in this area briefly in May to visit Mike and Ellen but other than that we knew very little about the area. We were excited to get started exploring and to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway…

Off we went to Mt Mitchell the highest elevation east of the Mississippi to Maine.

My fav guy with our fur baby on the trail…

Mt.Mitchell is North Carolina first State Park and name after Elisha Mitchell.

John just a-rockin’ waiting to be called for our table at the Restaurant Mt. Mitchell State Park.

On to our next stop, Linville falls…the height of the falls is 150 ft. History states that this is where the local Native Americans executed prisoners… No one has ever survived the falls over the final plunge, except for a kayaker Pat Keller in 2010…I also was able to get a stamp for my passbook for the falls/ blue ridge parkway.

Our next experience with this crazy weather was being told we had to evacuate from the RV. We could leave the Bus but we had to leave. We weren’t too crazy about leaving the bus but it was pouring down rain and the creek was rising. So off we went to another town for the day. Hoping to come back and all would be good.

Before we left…

And then we were able to return to park late afternoon same day..this RV park is beautiful taken care of and landscaped nicely but sad to say, Kim ( office person/ owner? ) is definitely not a people person. You aren’t kept in the loop about anything unless of course, you read the calendar posted in the bathhouses that I do not use.

Rain, rain & more rain for a few more days that week. On Saturday we went to visit my cousin Kevin and his wife Polly in Pickens SC.

While we were there he took us to some great state parks and a pumpkin festival. John was even able to get his picture taken with one of his name sakes REBEL..

Great time to catch up with Kevin and meet his wife Polly. Hope to be back in their area again to spend more time with them. Family time is very important to us…

Awesome way to end the afternoon walking the towns pumpkin festival…Thank you, Polly and Kevin, till next time…

This area is so beautiful, and lots to do. John really fell in love with this place. We checked out some ”forever home” possibility as well.

It came with a view of the Lake and a golf course but for now, we will stay with the Mickey Peace Bus…

The long-awaited visitors finally arrived. Our great friends Melissa and Bill were in from Florida to spend a few days with us..also at the same time our Marina buddies were home from Florida Ellen and Mike who have there home in Marion which is about 30 mins from where we were staying and one of the reasons we picked this area to stay in. So off we all went to Crabtree Falls.

It a 60 ft waterfalls right off the Blue Ridge Parkway…great hiking with a 4 mile ( strenuous ) loop but us old people ( John & myself ) had no problems and we brought our fur babies too. Absolutely amazing hike!

Spending the day with good friends PRICELESS…

On Monday we drive to Damascus Va which was a little over an hour drive. We were going to do The Virginia Creeper. John & I like to do bike rides and this one has been on my bucket list since Mike told me about it a few years ago. The trail was named after the steam engine that crept up the rails into the Iron Mountains. Also, a plant called the ”Virginia Creeper” grew along the 1986, the Rails-To-Trails Conservancy began converting old railroad beds into trail systems for hikes and bikers. We opted for the 17-mile trail. We drove to Damascus and they shuttled us to the top of Whitetop Mountain ( shuttle cost 16 dollars each ) bike rental is available as well but we brought our bikes with us. The ride is all downhill and great views over at least 50 bridges and along a creek bed and woods. At times I felt like we were in the movie E. T…We stopped halfway for lunch and then back to where we dropped the car off. Definitely, a must do if you love biking, sounds of water and nature.

We are off…

As you can see it was a bit chilly for us Floridians…

We all we’re getting hungry so off we went to the little cafe with the special chocolate cake ( Johnny & Mel type of lunch ) actually this stop was where Daniel Boone camped back in the day. How cool is that?

Before we ate we had to wait for John to cross the Appalachian Tr once again.

After that, it was most definitely lunch time for Johnny.

Heading back to Damascus and the end of the trail. Great day spent with great friends!

After we said our goodbyes to Mel & Bill we would head to Elizabethton, Tennessee to get our windshield on the drives side replaced. With what we thought would be a 24 hour trip ended up being two days. We made the best of it and did some sightseeing around town and even looked at some new manufactured homes for sale. Just not sure what our forever home will be or where.

Pictures of the Watauga Lake and drinks from the Restaurant the Captains Table that has a view of the lake from the bar area.

We did some Antique shopping while in Elizabethton bought me an iron skillet and something Mickey. RVing life is good…

We got back to the RV park in time to drive to Travelers Rest, SC for a Vintage Market Fest in the Park. It wasn’t very sunny so my pictures are not doing the scenery justice it was a beautiful drive there and back with some rain along the way.

The Vintage Market was a disappointment but on the way back to the car John meet some Scarecrows and decided to hang out with them for a bit…

Several bystanders gave John a round of applause not bad for someone pushing 70!!! Wink! Wink!

It was time to say good bye to Pineola NC…Our last Sunday at church I took pictures. The sun was shining brightly. You may be able to see-in the back ground Grandfather mountain. John and I both felt this area of people just does not seem as friendly as other places we have been. Not sure what it was about them but very surprising..

If you look real close you can see the mile high swinging bridge located on Grandfather Mountain. The Mountain is 5846 feet and the highest peak on the escarpment of the Blue Ridge Mountains and one of the major chains of the Appalachian Mountains – who knew?

Taken from the parking lot of St.Bernadette Catholic Church Linville, NC…( Grandfather Mountain in the background. )

Happy Halloween on to Nashville, TN…

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  1. It looks like such a great time. Johnny Boy, your sense of humor is getting better with age! Nice scenery, bike riding, waterfalls… great narratives too April. You two look so happy!

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