Myrtle Beach, SC

After the threat of Florence was over we returned to our campground Carrollwoods RV Park in Tabor City, NC. The park was up and running with minor damage from Florence. The new problem was now the rivers were all rising from all the rain, and we were trapped and would not be able to go freely to Myrtle Beach. So we decide to move to Myrtle Beach State Park before there would be no getting out.

We was able to go to church on the first Sunday in MB and this particular church was the name of John’s Saint ( Saint Michael ) so we enjoyed the mass and the connection.

The week started out being on wedding day countdown. T minus 6 days and counting…on Monday morning of the wedding week Jamie and I went to airport to pick up part of the wedding party which was great nieces/ nephews and one of our granddaughters Briana Rose. Then on Monday afternoon Jack and his family would arrive. John and I were going to be surrounded by family/grandkids everywhere. Totally excited to see everyone…

My daughter in law Ashley we rarely get a picture together❤️

The photos say it all….no words needed Maddie made our day with all the hugs, kisses and telling us how much she missed us. Next to come to town would be Cody, Britt, and our three great-grandchildren…we could not wait to meet Peyton and get hugs from Avah and Addie… we would do the wedding rehearsal first before Britt would make it to town. That was a fun night more family photos of course and the picture of the whole bridal party.

GG meets and holds Peyton for the first time….😥 but a happy cry….

That is our newest great- granddaughter Peyton I’m holding. That the first picture of her and I. Avah is the other girl in the picture she is our oldest can’t see Addie but she there and the mom of those three beautiful girls is Brittany she is our oldest granddaughter ( my side of the family )

The rest of the week was wedding prep duties and just chillin until the big wedding day. The weather was calling for 50% rain on the wedding day and Jamie and Darren were getting married on the Beach with an outside reception at a Beach House… Friday arrived to perfect weather. We could not ask for better weather if we had special order it. The wedding God was watching over these two amazing people. It was an awesome ceremony on the beach, and the reception was just as great.

Jamie was amazingly beautiful bride and I had the honor of giving her away…my sister Barb was definitely walking that walk with us!

More family pictures…

Nothing but pure love in this picture we are so blessed…

Next a few shots of the kids from the reception…

The next day would be the last day with my family from Florida so we decided to go to a place that had a few things for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold out but the little kids got to ride a few things and then back to the bridal house to say goodbye to Jack, Ashley, and family and Cody, Britt and girls would be leaving too. The flooding from Florence was still causing a problem but both families would have no problem getting back to Florida.

The bridal house was on Myrtle Beach and it was a very nice six bedroom, 6 bath house perfect for what Jamie and Darren wanted to start there new life together.

After all the goodbye were said John and I got to keep Briana with us till Monday as she would return to Ohio with the other part of the family that lived there. We had to stop by and drop off something to Cody some got to spend a little more time with them. Definitely not enough time with everyone but we will see them all in December except Briana so getting an extra day or two with her means so much. I love what John and I are doing, traveling on the peace bus, but I do miss family time just as much!

It was time to say goodbye to Myrtle Beach…Jamie and Darren, we love you guys and thanks for allowing us to be a part of your happy ever after journey…

The two RV parks we stayed at were very nice . We really enjoyed the location of the state park it sat right off the Atlantic Ocean and lots to do. Unfortunately this was our second time there and we really never got to enjoy the park. Hopefully next time when we return.

These pictures are taken at the state park…

Lucy thinks she going to chase a rabbit…

Till next time see you in the Mountains of NC…

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