Hurricane Florence

We arrived in Tabor City N.C. at the end of August. We are located about 20 mins from North Myrtle Beach and actual right in-between where Hurricane Flo was going to make landfall. Carrollwoods RV park is just about 5 mins to the South Carolina line.

The first week we were busy. On Saturday I got to go to Charleston with Jamie and her friend Heather to do the final fitting on her wedding dress and to bring it home. Which was exciting for me. In case some of you do not know Jamie is our niece and I am having the privilege of walking her down the beach ( beach wedding ) and giving her away. I am so so honored and blessed to do this..

Wedding dress picked up ✅ then on Thursday she would have a bridal shoot at the Commons in Myrtle Beach. We got to get a look at her in her dress, make- up and hair ( trial run for the big day ) That was exciting to watch but I can’t post any pictures darn. Then on Sunday, a group of us were meeting to walk the house where the wedding will take place, and reception. So on Sunday, the talk of Florence would start but no one really wanted to say much in front of the bride. Did I mention the wedding is being held on The Beach and it was only weeks away? YIKES! Housewalk through went well then we all went to lunch after that we all parted with our job list of what we needed to do to get the property perfect for the wedding. Uncle John job is taking care of a few weeds and the ants. Now it Monday and I am in panic mode. It looks as if Hurricane Flo is going to have a direct hit to our location. Course John says no no it going to the outer banks. Well the RV Park we are at ( Carrollwood ) is not staying open so it doesn’t matter at this point we have to leave. I wanted to go to Georgia ( that was what the owners of the park suggested ) but John says well we will go to Columbia? Is that far enough John? Ok, he says we will go to Florence? I say no I do not think so not far enough. At the time of this planning the storm is still 1000 miles away but they are saying it a big big hurricane. Could become a 4 ( which it did ), and I wanted to be as far as we could get away. After all, we are in a motorhome on wheels. So John picks Rock Hill SC it was 4 hours west from us. We left on Wednesday ( still thinking Hurricane Flo could be a 4/5 at landfall) I called to check on the RV park to make sure we were good to go, and they were not sure about staying open. ( I knew Georgia was a better plan ) so we decide to go to Charlotte which honestly was only another 20 miles farther so not too smart on our part but we went with it.

As the information started to unfold it looked as if we would still feel the raft of FLO in Charlotte but we decided to ride it out. On Friday we went to downtown Charlotte to stretch our legs, get in some exercise and learn a bit about the area. It was not too busy and very windy but a great day to walk the streets. We arrived and found a parking garage which was ridiculously expensive and this has taught us to now check out parking spots before we head into a city. It 3 dollars for 30 mins. It cost us almost as much as our lunch and John had a beer. Lesson learned though. Portland was the same way and there were other places to go much cheaper. You don’t mind paying for parking but sometimes it just crazy expensive when other places a few blocks over are way cheaper. Especially if you all know me you know John has me on a tight budget so I don’t want to spend that kind of money on parking 😏

This sign above even showed how far it was to Charlotte Harbor, Fl. How cool is that! Our granddaughter Brittany wanted us to leave Tabor City and evacuate to her house in North Port, Fl ( which would have been ok with me ) but Papa John wasn’t falling for that plan either. So I showed him it really wasn’t too far.

Market square and then the restaurant where we ate which they had 3 dollar beer. Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery was very good. After lunch, we decided to walk more of the streets with nowhere in particular to go but to take in any history and special buildings. John had read that one of the oldest Catholic Church’s was close by so we decide to go see that as well.

We was able to go through The Wells Fargo building. It was very interesting had some of the unique ways to communicate back in the day and travel with lots interesting things from banking through the years. As we worked the streets of uptown Charlotte throughout the area they had signs marking things that happen back in history. I particularly enjoy this about a city. Otherwise, how would you know unless you did research on the city ( which we usually do ) but not this trip as we had not planned to be in Charlotte. Thx you Flo!

We continued walking down Tryon St and came upon the science museum where outside they had some cool gadgets. One gadget was where you could talk from a distanced apart to each other by the sound bouncing off of a large round piece of metal and talking through a mega horn. The other gadget was to see how tall you are by standing under the invention. So John wanted to see how tall he is.. this is pretty cool..

As we are making our way to St. Peters Catholic Church we crossed over the intersection of E. Trade Street which is a huge part of Charlotte history. This Center City history begins with Trade and Tryon Street, the original Indian paths whose junction inspired the village’s settlement. It became the main arteries, crossing at Independence Square.

We continue on down Tryon Street to St Peter Church. I love learning the history of the oldest Catholic Churches in the areas we go to. It gives me more opportunities to learn about and understand the religion I’ve committed to and it is something John and I both enjoy doing. This particular church St. Peters is a Roman Catholic Church that was est. 1851. It is the oldest Catholic Church in Charlotte, and until 1940 was the only Catholic Church in the city. Pretty cool..

That was the end of our tour of Charlotte we headed back towards the RV park with a stop at Cabela’s. We hadn’t been in one yet so we wanted to check it out. They also allow you to park your RV overnight and some even have a dump station so they are very RV friendly. My opinion not as nice as Bass Pro but a nice enough store.

We would stay at Carowinds in Charlotte through Monday and return to Carrollwoods RV park in Tabor City as they notified us by email telling us the electric would be back on by Monday afternoon and minimal damages were incurred at the park.

Next stop Myrtle Beach…

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