Wales, Massachusetts

We left on Wednesday from Oak Haven Campground in Wales, Mass to our final destination Carrollwood RV Park in Tabor City, NC.

Our two weeks stay in Mass was great but of course not enough time. The last six weeks spent in Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts has been fun and the weather has been amazing. John and I do not believe we will be able to handle another summer in Florida. For the next few years, it won’t matter as we will be traveling. So who knows we sure are enjoying our journey. We did meet a great couple, Stacey & Rich so shout out to them. Hopefully, we will catch them out on the highways somewhere.

After we went to Boston our next place to visit was Martha Vineyard.

We took our bikes hopped on the ferry for a 45 min boat ride to Vinehaven. Little do we really know about Martha Vineyard. I have read many of books where the stories were written about visiting Cape Cod and Martha Vineyard so this was big on my bucket list and John too. With that said I had no idea that Martha Vineyard was made up of several different areas…who knew🤷‍♀️… it always a learning curve as we travel…

The picture was taken on the Ferry ride over to the town of Vineyard Haven. Once we docked we were the first off the ferry with our bikes. We stopped at the welcome center to get a map and headed to our first stop Oak Bluff.

Most of the houses look like dollhouses. Very different than what I was expecting I will say. A very unique area to bike and a great bike path throughout the whole island.

Not sure if you can pick up the audio I was talking low. The just of these ”gingerbread cottages” is they have been renovated to the period and they own the cottages but not the land yet they do hold 99-year leases on them. We had lunch in Oak Bluff the clam chowder was outstanding. After walking the town of Oak Bluff we decided to bike on to Edgartown ( big mistake )

This is a picture from Edgartown looking at the ferry at Chappaquiddick. We obviously made it to Edgartown with no time to explore the area as we needed to get back to Vineyard Haven in order to catch the 5 pm ferry. So on our bikes, we go to pedal back to the ferry. All and all we biked about 14 miles and actually had very little time to explore the towns. Next time we said we would rent a scooter. So much to see not enough time.

Back to the mainland, we go with some history on how Martha Vineyard name came to be. The first name 🤷‍♀️ the last part of the name is said to be that there are no vineyards on Martha Vineyards, but it is believed that there were wild grape vines all over the island when it was settled, providing inspiration for the second half of the name.

On to Salem and Gloucester…

Our first stop was Gloucester ( The oldest Seaport ) and the Crows Nest. It the bar that was in The Perfect Storm. Lots of pictures and history about the crew that was lost at Sea. We also visited The memorial for all the fishermen lost at Sea. A plaque for the six-man crew on the Andrea Gail that was lost at sea in 1991 during the cat 2 hurricane called Grace that formed ” The Perfect Storm ”

That was a very cool tour of Gloucester and the fisherman wharf monument…check that off Johnny bucket list. It was getting to be lunchtime so we headed to Ipswich and the Calm Box that was recommended by our good friends Kathy & Vern.

We order the strips, not the original with the bellies ( who knew we are Floridians ) anyhow they were delicious just the same. They have been serving food there since 1935 and it was definitely worth the trip.

From Ipswich, we would head to Salem. I had heard a lot about the town but honestly, we never saw a lot to do with the towns history on the Salem Witch Trials. I guess maybe we wasn’t into it as much?We did visit the cemetery where the witches final resting place was. On the headstones, markers you could read the cause of death which was mostly from being hung. I thought the whole experience was a bit creepy but John was into so I tried to understand and go with the flow. I took one picture of a stone as you walk into the cemetery. From there we walked to see the Harbor and the Derby Light on the water.

Did you know? Salem was the first town that Alexander Bell made his first long-distance call from. Also, the first elephant ever bought was brought to Salem. And finally, in the 1800 Salem was the center of the spice trade in America. Importing spices from Sumatra made Salem the richest city and the sixth largest city in the US. Who knew 🤷‍♀️

The last stop our on our tour of Salem would be the House of the Seven Gables. It sat right on the water. We did not go inside but took some pictures of the outside and the grounds. Did you read the book?

We did stop at the oldest candy store where they still make homemade candy. John got him a pecan turtle for 3 dollars and some change – really🤦‍♀️ – oh well he enjoyed it.

After that, we headed home it was nearing the end of our visit in Massachusetts.

The church that we went to while in Wales was in Sturbridge which was just right up from Oak Haven Campgrounds. Mass was held outside and the grounds of the church was amazing. We so enjoyed going to mass there.

The Church of Saint Anne / Saint Patrick

Before we left the area we went to the new opening of MGM Casino in Springfield.. It was absolutely beautiful and top-notch casino. We played the slots for a bit grabbed a bite to eat and walked the grounds. We weren’t lucky at the slots ( maybe next time ) all in all it was a good time and an awesome casino.

It was time to move on to our next state and new campground.

We are heading South….

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