We arrived in Wales, Mass on Wednesday from Phippsburg, was only a four-hour drive so it made it quite easy to transition to another campground. We will be here for two weeks. Oak Haven is the name of the campground. Great people run it. It ran by a husband-wife team and they have owned the place for 31years. In the winter they go to Hudson, Fl so they have their son Bob slowly taken over the day to day operations. We both are very happy with the campground.

We decided to take on Boston as our first city to tour. When we decide what to do where to go usually it during the week and we do try to check out the weather sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ John checked out the train – where to pick it up at then I get the app ( mTicket app ) on my iPhone and check the times and then we figure out what time to leave and whether we will stop for breakfast or gas, etc. It definitely a team effort. We also look at options of how is the best way to see the city ( John job ) so for Boston, he decided a walking tour 2.5 miles and it last about 1 and half hours.

We drove from the campground for about an hour to the parking lot where we would get the train. $4.00 to Park all day, and 1.5-hour train ride to Boston Commons. I hadn’t been on a train ever I do not believe ( except the mystery train ride ) so this was something I wanted to do. It was a pretty cool experience and not very expensive. Actually, if we had waited we could have saved 12 dollars as seniors ( 65 and older ) get tickets half off. The conductor shared that info with us when she came to scan our tickets. You can not do this online ( get a discount ) so we just have one ticket left we didn’t need…

The train did fill up by the time we got to our stop in Boston…

We met up with our guide at the Boston Commons at the beginning of The Freedom Trail which is also near Beacon Hills. Our guides name was John Gill he was well known back in the day ( notably more so than Paul Revere ) Mr. Gill was a printer for the Boston newspaper. The area where the tour started Boston Commons was purchased in 1634. 50 acres was purchased and it is the largest park in the US. 44 acres is still part of the park and owned by the city. Some interesting facts were that the Pilgrims came in 1620 and the Puritans came ten years later in 1830. The Park city church ( an original ) also held the first-ever Sunday School in a church.

Mr. Gill and I stopped for a minute to catch a selfie ( after I explained to him what a selfie was 😏 )

The Statehouse and the Park Street church. The state House is one of the oldest buildings in Boston. The dome is a gilded pinecone that is a symbol of the state’s reliance on logging in the 18 century. As I said before The Park Street Church is the oldest in the area. On to the next stop. The cemetery where three of the signers on the Declaration of Independence are laid to rest.

Some interesting facts of The Granary Burying the third oldest cemetery, founded in 1660…it can be found in Fremont Street part of the Freedom Trail. Three of the signers on the Declaration of Independence are buried there as well, Samuel Adams, John Hancock ( was the first signer on the declaration and he was a smuggler) and Robert Treat Paine. This is the only cemetery that has 3 of the signers buried in it…..You can also find Paul Revere grave as well.

Paul Revere actual tombstone is the small one.

Samuel Adams…next stop and final stop was near the Harbor and where The Boston tea party took place, and one of the oldest Restaurants in Boston that actual been serving food since 1826. We ate at Oyster House and the clam chowder was outstanding. The Boston Tea Party happen for one reason and one reason only The 13 Colonies did not want to pay the taxes on the tea…the value of the tea in money in today time is worth over a million dollars. Had to believe just for some tea bags.🤷🏼‍♀️

Another fun fact as well Mary Chilton was the first person to touch land and she was a mere 12-year-old child.

We opted not to walk all the way to the Harbor but we did walk a few blocks over to see Paul Revere house. From there we walked back to where we started at to go visit Cheers. I have to say we were a bit disappointed if you weren’t eating at Cheers you had to wait to get a seat at the three bars they had by first come first serve and the bar areas were hopping so we never had a drink in there but was able to get some pictures.

This picture is the actual bar that was used in the show. It actually on the top floor of the restaurant. The restaurant has 3 floors with bars and gift shops on each floor. The cheers music plays as soon as you enter the bar. This was on John bucket list ✅

That it for Boston we had to walk back to the train station to catch the train back to our car…another adventure checked off of our bucket list. Six miles walking under our belt with the next stop Martha Vineyard…

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