Jimmy Buffett Fenway Park Boston

One night at the karaoke party when we were still at Meadowbrook Campground in Maine one of the campers told us he had a ticket to see Jimmy Buffett in Boston. I ask him if he knew if it was a sell out ( usually it is when he comes to Florida ) anyhow he told me that it was. John and I were bummed because Boston was only a 3-hour drive plus the bonus of him playing at Fenway Park.

Later that night when we go home I grabbed my iPad and started searching for tickets. Thank God I didn’t believe that camper. There was still plenty of tickets to be had.

So we purchased our tickets our parking pass and waited for the day to come.

The concert was awesome and Fenway Park is way cool ( just like you said, Rick ) concert-goers dawn their Parrot hats, flashing glasses, shark hats, blow up palm trees, not to mention all the Hawaiian shirts with parrots on them and tie-dye shirts galore….along with a pot-smoking crowd. We had a great time and well with the money and the six-hour round trip. A must do in my opinion!

Dinner was at a restaurant (Tony C’S ) right around the corner from Fenway Park…

Pictures aren’t the best but if you notice the video the lights are tie-dye in the audience. He really does put on an awesome concert so glad we got to go.



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