Whale Watching- BoothBay Harbor, Maine

Last summer John and I started planning our next chapter which would be traveling in a motorhome fulltime. We realized we needed a plan for us so we knew where we were headed but most importantly where we would stay and what we wanted to see.

Spending time with family/Friends and our bucket list is kind of our priorities along with lots and lots of laughter and of course, Happy Hour ( Johns fav ) so that pretty much sums up our travels to date. Pretty good life if I do say so myself. We are now in Maine. We left beautiful quiet Vermont ( which for now is our fav spot ) I’m sure there are plenty more fav spots to come, but Vermont is so amazingly beautiful and peaceful that we fell in love with it.

Maine is equally pretty but there is a busyness about it that Vermont doesn’t have. The population of Vermont is only 625,000 ( 2017 numbers/rank 49 ) we will be traveling to Wyoming next summer ( can’t wait ) it rank 51 on less populated state, very cool. Anyway back to Maine…the lobster so far has been fabulous and so are the people. We traveled to a couple cities so far Boothbay Harbor and Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

Whale watching was on our bucket list. It would be a 3-hour tour out of Boothbay Harbor about an hour from where we’re staying. It was a calm sunny cool beautiful morning you could not ask for better weather. The ride out of the Harbor was amazing with a glimpse of where the Wicked Witch of the West had a summer home ( still owned by Margaret Hamilton’s family ) on Southport Island ( pretty cool ) and lighthouses of Maine.

Lobster traps everywhere and they have some great ways of fixing lobster. Lobster happens to be one of my favorite meals and I tell you you have not lived till you have Maine lobster. It mouth watering amazing…

We continue our ride out for the search of a whale, as we continued our ride we did see harbor dolphin ( different then our Florida 🐬) they are smaller in size in Maine. We did see several not so easy to take pictures of but they did ride the wake of the boat for a bit. They use to do that with us on Sea Crazy, our boat we use to live on in Florida.

Finally our tour guide ( She was Marine Biologists 👍🏻 ) spotted a whale…

Probably the most frustrating part of all this is getting good pictures ( I’m such an amateur ) but yet still enjoying the moment your self. Well I never physically got to see the whale with my nake eye but did manage to get a few good shots. Also a couple video. In one of the videos I’m standing next to a little boy ( probably 5 ish and his Dad ) if you listen to the video it is so touching that the little boy is about to see this huge hump back whale and has the present of mind to be concerned about whether his Dad had a good hold on his cell phone why he was videoing this whale sighting. So precious …I just love moments like those when I see cute caring loving people especially when it a pint-size version of an adult. Life Is Good.

The last video is the whale smacking his tail which he probably did for a good five mins. Right out from the boat. It was a great day one the water and our guide said it very rare that a whale puts on such an amazing show as we saw today. One the return trip back to shore we did see another whale off in the distance but unable to catch any pictures. We got back to shore and there was that same man looking for whales on land. Someone really needs to steer him in the right direction….

Next stop Bar Harbor….

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