Abel Mountain Campground, Randolph, Vermont

We left the Adirondack area and heading to Vermont…much talk about the route to take us to Randolph, Vermont from Sparky’s. As it turns out we went the way we thought would be the less curvey ( but longer ) and ended up making no difference we probably were better off following the Nav systems shortest route. That the thing with traveling in such a big rig ( we are about 55 feet long including our toad ) so it can be a crap shoot on which route to pick. We do have a nav system that’s for RVS but as some of you may know Johnny sometimes thinks his way is best. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We arrived at Abel Mountain Campground in Randolph and we loved it. We were all the way at the end of the first road and we backed right up to the creek ( brook ) as they say in Vermont. No one to our right so we had the whole area for our selves.

You may of notice Johnny called the ( creek ) a stream lol well we didn’t know till we got ready to leave that it really called a brook….who knew🤷🏼‍♀️

Our first day out in the area was to visit Ben and Jerry. Another fun fact about Johnny, if you don’t know this he loves anything with SUGAR..it was a pretty cool they walk you through the history of Ben and Jerry and how they make ice cream. I think it was 4 dollars each for seniors and well worth it. At the end of the tour, you get a free sample of the ice cream of the day. Well unless you are Johnny he got 2 samples ( he got mine ) He was a happy person when we left.

On the way back to the campground we stopped by to see a covered bridge which was pretty cool. It was behind a Best Western and it is just for show now but just the same it still a covered bridge. I’m always intrigued about history ( sure didn’t listen in school ), nor to my dad. He was big on reading and learning about the past. As I’ve gotten older the more I appreciate seeing anything that not normal or structures that is no longer being used like they were in the past. Bridges were covered for two reasons. One to help protect the wood from the elements, and the other so horses didn’t get spooked as they passed over the water. I thought that was very interesting – fun fact!

We spent one afternoon taken a drive to see the 3 covered bridges in the town of Randolph. They date back to late 1800 but of course, had been redone to make them drivable. We were trying to get the perfect picture for a Christmas card. We were not too successful, but all is good I will not give up that easy. Course Lucy and Johnny are hoping I forget.

Woodstock, Vermont would be our family outing with Lucy. We stopped at historic park to walk the trails ( hottest day ever ) we sure have gotten accustomed to the cooler weather. Not sure what we will do when we head back south in November. Anyhow the historic park and farm was pretty interesting. And I got to get my national passport book stamped for Billings Historic Park. There is where Lucy met a cow….

We went into the town of Woodstock and it was a very cool little town. Definitely, in my opinion, a must stop if you are near by. We ate lunch outside at a great little cafe and as Johnny says they treated Lucy better than him. So when we go back to visit Woodstock in a few years Johnny was to come back as a dog. 🤦‍♀️

Before we left Woodstock we took another shot at getting a picture in front of a covered bridge. This one in Woodstock was the most photographed covered bridge in the state of Vermont. So we had to get a picture too.

We also went on a hike with Lucy to see a waterfall on our way home from Woodstock..Putnam State Forest, Moss Glen Falls.. it was a awesome hike and a bit steep but with walking sticks in hand we was enjoying the views. Another must see if in the area.

We spent one day at the campground walking the trails surrounding the grounds. John and I both said we love Vermont we definitely could live here in the summertime. The mountains are beautiful the people are so nice and friendly. What not to like.

We actually spent a lot of our two weeks just hanging out on the peace bus and enjoying the area and the weather. We barely use our a/c we have our windows open all the time which is awesome ( can’t do that in Florida this time of year ) on Sundays, of course, we go to our local Catholic Church. I have been enjoying this part of our adventure as we get to see how each area celebrates mass. This particular priest was pretty good at preacher the gospel. He reminded us a bit of our priest Father Jerry in PG which we miss a lot. So at the end of our stay, I got a selfie with Father John from Our Lady Of Angels Church.

On to Phippsburg, Maine

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