Adirondacks -Northville, NY

We left family behind in Lancaster and headed to our next stop. Northville, NY. We were heading to Sparkys place in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains…John and Sparky worked together in the early 90’s at a company called Chiefs. Sparky always make great comments about John ( on FB ) being such a great boss and person to work with. I was definitely intrigued to meet him. It would be a rare glimpse of John’s past and I was eager to hear what stories they shared, and shenanigans that went on. Sparky has been inviting us up for over a year, and since we were heading to Vermont after leaving Tammys it was our chance to take him up on his invitation…He sure rolled out the red carpet for us…We were welcomed by his two Golden Retrievers Simba and Kona as well.

We only had two days with Sparky in his little slice of paradise, so we tried to make the best of it. His house is right across the street from a golf course. We were able to go through the golf course to walk to the lake that surrounds the area. The next day Sparky took us around to see the area. First, stop some breakfast or early lunch I guess it was at a nearby diner. Awesome memories were being made with these two old friends. After eating Sparky took us around town. A stop to have a better look at the lake and then in town to shop at some of the local shops.

We stopped at one of Sparkys fav shops and John and I was able to find some great walking sticks. We love them and actually have used them several times ( I’m sure I will have pictures of our sticks soon )

Our next stop….a flower shop? Was not sure why except that maybe he just wanted us to meet some of the people in this cute little town. That was part of the reason for the stop but the other was he had ordered me a beautiful flower arrangement…I was so very touched. Remember Sparky had not met me till this visit.

That night he took us to an amazing restaurant on the lake called

Lanzi’s…the shrimp cocktail was huge and great atmosphere as we ate

outside by the lake. A must see if you are in the area.

The next day it was time to say goodbye to Sparky, Kimba, and Kona new acquaintance was made for Lucy and me. John and Sparky got to catch up on each other’s lives after all it had been 20 plus years since they last saw each other. Once again Facebook helped reconnect two people, and our new RV life made it happen. We are truly blessed.

Next stop will be Vermont….




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