We left Lancaster to drive 3.5 hours north to Bath, NY…Tammy and Scotty have a second home there to spend weekends and vac usually the week of the 4th of July…

This year they decided to share there week off with us, and we were excited to do that. As you all may know family is so very important to us!!!

I love family vacations and we have done this with John family a couple times. This year we will meet my side of the family in Myrtle Beach for my niece’s wedding in September and in case you can’t tell I’m grinning from ear to ear 😊 I can’t wait…but that for another blog in September -meanwhile back to Bath NY…the first day there Tammy took us to a couple wineries…not usually my thing but John was in so what the heck let’s adventure out on the wild side a bit lol…so we did. Pretty cool stuff, beautiful scenery and the wine tasting wasn’t so bad..As you can see the wine tasting was a success they both have big smiles and about a case and half later of purchases of wine and a couple wine caps life was good that day..Matt took us for a ride in wheelie bugy up the mountainside. It was a very interesting ride and at the top was that lake. Hard to believe there is a lake up there but there is..

Matt also took us on a hike across the street and straight up the mountainside that was almost 2 miles. Matt had no issues with the hike but he did have to stop a few times for this GMA and GPA to take a break. Lucy was right with Matt until we fell behind then she had to come to get us. Once we got to the top of the mountain there was this beautiful lake and flowers. Too much fun!

Next up, was just hanging out and enjoying the Weather and the yard. We grilled had dinner outside and did some target shooting ( I didn’t do so good ) Lucy and Kylie seemed to get along much better in an open yard.

We left Bath NY to go-to the Kalisik reunion in Syracuse, In. But we would stop in Toledo and stay with Judy and John for two days before heading to Indiana. John and Judy have a great place on a lake and they are such a great host to us when we are in town. We are so blessed with such great family members that always welcome us! We did have to do some backtracking to do this trip, but all is good because it was for the family reunion. In Toledo, we went to Loma Lindas. Best Margaritas ever ( well except for Johnnys ) Where we caught up with Michelle ( Judy daughter and the first-time for me to meet her.. ) also Mark and Lori were there..we had a great night and when we got back to The Rutters home we did a boat ride on the lake in there new pontoon boat a good time had by all. The next day John had to have Rudys hotdogs for lunch, then we went to see Uncle Danny at Myers where he walks everyday.. Uncle Danny is 87 and he just bought a new car ( yes he still driving – yikes!!!) we had a great visit Uncle Danny pushes Johnny Boy in shopping cart ( mind you Uncle Danny walks with a came… ) nonetheless Johnny jumps in shopping cart. Outside we go to see his new wheels ( you might notice his fav color is RED too, how cool is that!!! ) uncle Danny points out all the great features his impala -RED impala has….We spent some time downtown Toledo on Friday night with John and Judy, which was pretty cool this is the town John grew up in. I love visiting places that are part of Johns past and having a peek into this mans past life as he grew up. We ate at a restaurant that had been around since John was a kid. We also went to the new Marriot hotel and had drinks on the roof top. Gosh, our RV life is good.

On Saturday we headed to the family reunion. The drive to Indiana would take us through Amish Country. Very similar to Lancaster area. It was a great day weather wise and turn out of the family, Jimmy and Gerald was there too. It was great having four of the Kalisik siblings together again ( missing Jackie😥 ) John saw family he hadn’t seen since he was probably 12, and of course I got to meet all of them…Theresa and Rick Kalisik hosted the reunion, and a fun time was held by all…food, drinks, boat ride, stories shared from all of the cousins childhoods, also let’s not forget ”father frank” ( JR ) passing vodka shots around… The next day the guys golfer and Judy, Angel and myself took a tour of Amish Acres..we left Indiana for a nine hour drive back to Lancaster, Pa.

Johns two uncles were there which was awesome…Uncle Albert and Uncle Frank, was there and they shared stories of the past. Some about Johns Dad that John hadn’t heard before. Fun stuff! This Nascar rig was at our hotel. We thought Jimmy would enjoy seeing this so there the picture Jimmy! Kyle Bush…

Lucy stayed with her sissy while we was at the reunion so back to Lancaster we went for a couple days to get ready for our next stop Northville, NY…

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