Lancaster, Pa.

We left Ohio and headed for our daughter’s house in Lancaster, Pa. We arrived and ended up parking the Bus in from of Tammy’s house…( pretty interesting ) but very convenient for us.

On Monday we took the grandsons to Gettysburg. We took the car tour with an audio cd that explains each stop, and you can also get out and read signs that they have placed to explain what you are seeing. It was worth the visit and the tour takes about two hours or so.

The next day we went with Tammy on her ice cream truck TJ Icecream. We went to the preschools, and the kids were so cute, and polite. Such fun!NYC was next on our list. We took the bus from Lancaster ( Tammy, Matt, Johnny and myself) it was about a 3-hour ride. This was a first-time visit for Matt ( our grandson ) Once we arrived we hit the ground running….times square, empire state building, Macy ( saw the piano from Big ) 911 memorial, Rockefeller Center ( Today Show ), St. Patrick Cathedral ( AMAZING ) Radio City Hall, and a quick walk through Central Park. We also went to Chinatown the best Chinese food ever! Did some shopping as well. We took the subway on our way to the 911 memorial and ended up heading to Brooklyn ( wrong train ) the Brooklyn Bridge was pretty cool so that was ok that we were on the wrong train. John first ever ride on the subway. The people of NY was very nice to us Floridians cause we ask a lot of directions, and ask, and ask and ask…🤦‍♀️ Not enough time and we are already thinking about going back to NYC and staying for 3 months. We walked 8 miles not counting the ride on the subway SO we did A LOT for a one day visit.

After New York, John and I spent a night watching Matt doing his fencing which was very interesting. Took Matt and his girlfriend Shyla for dinner as well, we went to The Noodle Company a new place for John and I. I really liked it John not so much…

We did some sightseeing in Lancaster went to the church on Sunday where John used to go to when he lived there. Had dinner outside at a tiki bar, shopped at the Amish stores. Watch Lucy, Kylie, and Willow decide who was the Alpha. Great memories were made with family. RV life is awesome!

Next stop Bath, NY Tammy, and Scotty second home…

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