Waynesville Ohio

We left Asheville NC and heading to Waynesville Ohio. We will be here until June 23.

The first thing we did was go get Briana Rose our granddaughter. She spent memorial weekend with us on the Peace Bus…when we pick her up we them went to lunch and caught up my niece and her family ( my great/ and great-great nieces/nephews as well ) how could I be that old? 😂

After Briana went back home to finish up her last few days of school and wait for her Daddy and family to come to get her for the summer…we waited on Randy, Kim, and Corey to arrive..So the next couple days was spending time with Randy, Kim, and Corey and the first stop would be wake nation cable Park. While Corey spent some time on the water we headed over to Jungle Jim’s Market Place which as Kim pointed out it – it an amazement park for adults but it all food and alcohol-based shopping. On Saturday the Graber Family and my nieces family came out for a family cookout.

The weather was awesome and other then the kids disappearing for a long time up the creek cause ” Jack said ” and then the adults needed found from looking for the “lost kids” – having both of our sons and family together plus my niece and family was so cool, and that what rocks about us rving.There is never enough time with family. My son and his family and Lisa my niece and family headed back to the other side of town. Jack, Ashley, and Grandkids would head back to Florida the next night. We will see them in November at Disney World..

John took Randy, Kim & Corey to Ceasar Creek State Park to walk a trail -the next day was a Wake Nation Day for Corey and on Monday we went downtown Cincy to show Randy and family the ballpark, Tne Purple People Bridge, and see the Ohio River.

We had lunch at the Holy Grail, and walked the river front. Stopped at the Tin roof for a fair well drink before taken them to the airport. Once again this son and family will head home to Florida, and we will catch up with them mid-November in St. Augustine.

The guys posing with Pete Roses Statue in front of The Great American BallPark. After that, it was time for Randy, Kim, and Corey to head back to Florida where we will catch up with them first in St Augustine in Nov.

We went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. It was very interesting and very HUGE with a lot to see and read. A must see in my opinion and it free! Taft House was on my list, have to get some history in and get my passbook stamp. That’s located in Cincinnati and it free as well. The park ranger does the tours and plays trivia with you as you go through the house. Very cool.

Spending time with family/ friends is so important to me and being able to take this journey with Johnny and do that is just awesome. We totally are so blessed. Spending time with Barb was also a blessing. Remember we never know what tomorrow holds so you just may want to say an extra I love you..please keep Barb in your prayers

Lunch and dinner with Mary and Kenny..saw my Aunt Dot.We are leaving The Frontier Campground and now heading to Lancaster, Pa to spend time with Tammy, Scotty, and the grandsons Brandon and Matt.

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