York State Park

We are in Williamsburg, Va. area for the next month. We are staying at The American Heritage RV Park. We spent an afternoon a few days ago in Yorktown…we just went to the river walk area where they have some shops and a few restaurant…it was a beautiful day to be by the river…

Today we decided to go check out the York State Park…we haven’t had much luck in kayaking yet, and we are hoping this will be the place..we took a drive around the park and could see the river, but no where for us to launch the kayak. So for now we decided to just check out the trails, and surrounding area of the park. We took a short walk on one of the trails that was about a mile long. John been sick with a cold for about Five days, so that was about all her could handle today….

We did find a place to launch the kayak…we are hopeful to be able to return later this month, and kayak the river…for now I hope you enjoy some of my photos I took as we walk the park. The weather is really awesome here…cool in the morning, sunny midday, cool at night…No Humidity…as we continue to chase the 75 degree weather…

One our drive through the park we saw these two cuties, and I had to include them in my pictures…you don’t realize when you live as far south as we do in Florida you do not usually see horses hanging out…if you do, they usually aren’t as healthy looking as these two….

Until next time…..

4 thoughts on “York State Park

  1. Great pics! This area is one of my favorites.Being from a Navy family whose home base was Virginia Beach, I’ve spent a lot of time roaming this area. Virginia is so full of history that you could use a year to check it all out. Should you happen to head to Charlottesville to visit Monticello let me know and I’ll ask my sister who is a teacher there to meet you guys. She knows all the Virginia historical sites having organized many a field trip. Should you end up in Baltimore I highly recommend a tour of the diesel submarine, the USS Torsk, which is tied up next to the USS Constellation as a part of the Baltimore Aquarium museum. My other sister is a volunteer on the Torsk. This is the type of sub our Dad spent a majority of his career on.

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  2. This is the first time I’ve been to this area, Rick… I spent time as a kid at VB and other areas of Virginia, but not here…
    We are loving it.
    We are driving to DC ( by car )
    Mid-month really excited about that. As you said tons to see. Thanks for the info… Not sure if we will be in that area yet, but you never know!


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