Jekyll Island

Saturday was the day we decided to go visit Jekyll Island…just an hour drive east of Mossy Oak RV Park…

Once we got on the Island we first stopped to get a map at the welcome center… (something we did not do on St. Simon ) The gift shop was pretty impressive for a welcome center, but since we had just bought me a new iPhone, I was reminded from my better half that I could look, but not buy🤔….

You have to pay to go onto the Island…day pass was $6.00… being from Florida we are use to paying tolls to get on Islands, so not an issue for us, and well worth the money..

As we drove over the causeway bridge it started to rain so we wasn’t sure if we get to bike…we first just drove around the beach area, and saw some amazing dunes, and some cool waves..Corey too bad you wasn’t around for this trip you would of loved it ….we think.  After checking out the beach area we decided to go eat…we ate at The Wharf Marine, food was great along with the Atmosphere…right on the water, we was able to see a few sail boats, and motor yachts pass by, even though we don’t live on a boat anymore we do love being around the water…I

‘After lunch we decided to get on the bikes and ride other parts of the Island…this place is a beautiful back drop for a wedding, and as we cruised around we saw several wedding taken place, and reception being set-up…lots of quaint little shops, golfing, putt-putt, and several awesome beaches….we opted to stop at Tortuga Jack’s for a drink and some live music….

It was a great day on the Island, and sure worth the visit if you are in the area…

Until next time….peace be with….

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