Savannah Georgia …..

For us to be able to be full time Rv’ers at this time in our life is just so wonderful…part of it will be spending more time with our families….my family and Johns family are so important to me…#familyfirst will be one of the most hashtags you see on my post.

Friday night Jamie ( my niece) and her soon to be hubby ( in September ) Darren came from Myrtle Beach to spend the weekend with us at Mossy Oaks RV Park..

Saturday morning we left for Savannah- it was about an hour and half drive…. we could not of ask for a better day….the temperature was high 80’s, and warm and sunny.

We spent the day in the river district, even though John and I had been to Savannah, it still a great place to visit again….Jamie had never been to Savannah so it was a great day.

On Sunday we went to mass together, and then it would be time for Jamie and Darren to head home. It was about five hour drive back to Myrtle Beach for them …..

Until next time….

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